Amp Up Your Marketing with These Creative Video Ideas

Posted on Aug 24, 2016 5:01:01 PM by Brittany Laeger

When you have fresh, inspiring, creative ideas for new marketing tactics, it's easy to get excited about promoting your brand, but those ideas can be hard to come by. Especially in the world of the Internet, it can be hard to fight the "grass is always greener" mentality as a marketer to a small or medium-sized business. Comparing yourself to the big dogs with budgets in the millions can be a real motivation-killer. So, what do you do to inspire creativity and take your brand to the next level?

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3 Video Blog Ideas to Help You Drive New Visitors to Your Website

Posted on Aug 22, 2016 1:04:37 PM by Kevin Page

Video blogs are a great way to drive new website visitors, boost engagement, and increase your average time on site. When done strategically, video blogs can be one of the greatest assets on your website.

Remember that a video blog is just a quick, 60-90 second video where your goal is to cover one topic or answer one question. But where do you get video blog ideas? Here are three easy suggestions.

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Create an Explainer Video Script to Delight Your Visitors

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 2:32:57 PM by Gregg Litman

If I mention an explainer video, what comes to mind? If you're thinking of a whiteboard video or something with fun or fancy graphics or animations, you're on the right path. Explainer videos almost always use scripting and graphics to show — you know, "explain" — what a company does. But no matter how memorable the graphics, I think the most important part of an explainer video is the script.

Why are the words so important in a video that is supposed to be all about the graphics? Because those graphics rely entirely on the script you write. Unlike the company videos and testimonial videos that we produce, you can't use their real stories and great characters to deliver the message in an explainer video. You're trying to explain a concept, how a process works, or how to use a website, so you have to write that message — really write that message — before the graphics can bring it to life. 

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3 Rules for Successful Higher Education Lead Generation

Posted on Aug 18, 2016 10:30:56 AM by Brittany Laeger

It's no secret that the higher education landscape has become increasingly competitive, especially with easy access to the internet. According to a 2015 survey of college-bound high school juniors and seniors, 77% of respondents indicated that college websites make a difference in their perception of the institution. So what can marketers do to increase higher education lead generation? We've got 3 rules that will help you convert more leads on your website.

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How to Stand Out When Applying for a Digital Marketing Role

Posted on Aug 17, 2016 10:47:23 AM by Kathy Heil

On one hand, there’s never been an easier time to look for a job. The internet changed the landscape for both recruiting and job seeking in ways that could have never been imagined. In the late 80’s, when I was in the job market for the first time, the job search was really limited to your proverbial backyard. Most companies looking for job candidates honed their recruiting strategies around a college campus that had a specified mile radius for the available job opening, and job fairs had a much greater significance than they do today. If you fit the profile, had the right skills, and were located in the right geography, you were on your way to your new job or at least the interview.

Fast forward to 2016, where the world is your oyster. What both job seekers and recruiters have today is ACCESS. Job opportunities can be explored and promoted by a simple # on LinkedIn for a specific keyword or industry, company, job title, etc. Let your fingers do the walking! However, this wealth of global information is both opportunistic and complicated at the same time, creating a sea of competition. You are competing against a much larger pool of like-minded talent that might even be exploring from neighboring states, no longer just neighboring towns.

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4 Benefits of Hiring a Company with a Tested Video Production Process

Posted on Aug 16, 2016 3:17:55 PM by Gregg Litman

Video productions come in many shapes and sizes, from the iPhone video you post on Facebook all the way up to major Hollywood productions. So, crews range from that person with an iPhone all the way up to a cast of hundreds (and sometimes even thousands). But despite that wide range, I have a piece of advice that fits almost all of them. If you're hiring a production company, or even a do-it-all photojournalist, insist that they have a tested video production process.

Videos are just too complex to "do it on the fly." Whether you have a script and actors or a news/documentary-style project, there are too many moving parts to leave to chance. Even a small-scale shoot (maybe an interview and some site video) requires many levels of coordination, not to mention editing, post-production, and delivery. So, unless you really enjoy doing project management without a net, you need a tested video production process. 

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At StoryTeller, our process includes these steps:

  1. Research:
    Understand Stories and Objectives
  2. Pre-Production Meeting
  3. Strategic Vision: 
    Story identification, Storyboarding, Planning and Shoot Prep
  4. Newsgathering:
    Shoot Interviews and B-Roll Video
  5. Content Creation:
    Logging, Scripting, Producing and Editing
  6. Content Review:
    Edits, Revisions, Approvals 
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How to Make Training Videos That Employees Want to Watch

Posted on Aug 11, 2016 12:40:06 PM by Ed Heil

CorporateTrainingVideos-680916-edited.jpgThe corporate training video. It just sounds painfully boring, doesn’t it? And let’s be honest, if you’ve been forced to watch one of these productions, you know just how bad they can be! To be fair, there are a number of reasons for this — bad corporate videos could be the result of lack of budget, lack of expertise, or just good intentions gone bad. In any case, training videos don’t have to be less exciting than watching color bars on television, they just require some creativity and a thoughtful approach. Here are some suggestions for how to make training videos that are interesting and engaging instead of a dreadful work obligation.

Start with the Viewer

Let’s face it, most people perceive watching corporate training videos as a cruel job requirement that puts more people to sleep than it does educate. One reason is that the company responsible for producing the video may not care if the employee watches the video or not — because it’s their job to watch it, like it or not. So, they serve up dog food expecting that everyone will watch because it’s a requirement! One of my favorite training videos is traditionally one of the biggest yawners in training video history. It’s the “In Flight” safety video that airlines show before you take off. Delta produced a series of these videos that actually makes training videos fun! 

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What is Video Retargeting and How Can I Use it in My Marketing?

Posted on Aug 8, 2016 10:19:07 AM by Brittany Laeger

If you are here and reading this blog post, it's highly likely that you haven't done a lot with remarketing in the past. Did you know that retargeted visitors are 3X more likely to click on your ad than people who haven't interacted with your business before? And while retargeting (or remarketing) isn't really new to PPC campaigns, there are still many companies that have yet to take advantage of it for their business. However, Facebook recently expanded their remarketing to include video.  So in this post, we will walk through the basics of strategically using video remarketing as a way to boost engagement and reconnect with website visitors.

What is Video Retargeting?

First questions first — what is video remarketing anyway? There are two types of video remarketing ads (for the sake of separating these two types of ads, I am going to give them different acronyms):

1. VWAs (Video Watcher Ads): Ads that are served only to people who have watched your video. You can create ads that target only visitors who finish the video or target based on the percentage watched (i.e. 25%, 50%, and so on). These ads are dependent on a platform that can measure specific actions and play rates (Facebook, AdRoll).

[Upcoming Webinar: Save Your Spot] Effective Company Videos: Avoiding the Mistakes Every Business Makes

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