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As a producer, Todd Vaske has seen it all. He began his career in small town newsrooms before landing his dream news job, producer at KMSP in Minneapolis. Once the popularity of KMSP’s morning show took off, Todd had an offer he could not refuse: produce a show called “The Best Of” for The Food Network. From cable programming came corporate opportunities. Todd moved to Wisconsin to work with Sub-Zero (the high end refrigerator company) and Harley-Davidson. For four years he helped both high-end luxury companies launch countless products and projects. He’s back in the state he loves (MN) telling the stories of a wide range of clients in his role as Video Producer at StoryTeller. Everyday he can’t wait to wake up and discover something new.
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Art + Science: Why Video Marketing Works

Posted on Aug 2, 2017 6:30:00 AM by Todd Vaske

I owe the following high school science teachers an apology: Mr. Herzberg, Mr. Hanson, and Mrs. Boudreau.

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