Derek Jeter Retired - Should the Traditional Press Release Retire, too?

Posted on Sep 30, 2014 12:28:00 PM by StoryTeller Team

Is it Time For the Traditional Press Release to Retire?

For decades they both were the symbol of the industry to which they belonged. Always with a date and usually done-up in black and white, they both made their debuts in New York – neither a stranger to being featured in publications around the world. Journalists couldn’t get enough of them. The congruencies between Derek Jeter and the traditional press release don’t end there, though. What’s also similar is that their best days are behind them. And while the press release hasn’t officially announced its retirement, its days are numbered. Derek Jeter retired - should the traditional press release retire, too?

Let’s take a look at five prospects that are vying to become press release alternatives:

Video Release

Instead of transcribing toneless quotations from a board member or CEO, why not have those key figures speak into the camera? Videos are more easily digestable and have the ability to communicate nonverbal cues, too. Be sure to have a transcription of the video’s message ahead of time though – it will give your SEO a boost, and journalists won’t have to rewind over and over just to catch an interesting quote. 

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Public Relations for Business is Now Online

Posted on Nov 15, 2008 8:18:00 AM by Ed Heil

Does your PR strategy rely on traditional media?

I recently had a discussion with a principal of a successful Twin Cities public relations agency regarding PR and the internet. Words like "Search Engine Optimization" and "online video content," seemed to confuse this highly successful executive leading this person to immediately confess that they don't get involved with those things. Technology was not an area in which this person felt comfortable and language such as this were not part of the agency's lexicon. I left the conversation feeling that if we, public/media relations professionals, are not actively trying to help our clients reach their customers on the world wide web we are doing them a tremendous disservice. So, I ask, does your PR strategy rely on traditional media?

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