Cold Calling Is Not Dead

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 12:20:00 PM by StoryTeller Team

Why Cold Calling is Alive and Well

There is major irony in beginning a blog post with the adage “Don’t believe everything you read.” But after reading article after blog post after tweet, all with the same argument about the oldest sales strategy in the book, I just couldn’t help myself from rebutting. Cold calling is not dead! In fact, in some ways it’s stronger than it’s ever been.

Granted, cold calling is interruptive – which goes against what I've learned as an inbound marketer. But there’s something different about it. It’s not delivering 10,000 fliers to every mailbox in the area. It’s not an obnoxious commercial with talking babies, flashing lights or annoying sound effects. It's gentle. It’s personal. And in today’s landscape of clicking “Connect” on leads’ LinkedIn pages so you can send them a stock sales pitch – it’s surprising

Here are five reasons why cold calling is alive and well: 

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