StoryTeller's Core Value: Passion

Posted on Jan 31, 2014 10:33:00 AM by admin

In the past year at StoryTeller, we created our company’s core values - what makes us who we are. All of our values are important, but my favorite one is passion. Here's our company's description for passion: "Our passion is the fuel for our work and all that we do. Without passion, we can not possibly do the work necessary to delight our clients. Imagine what our lives would be like without passion."

In my experiences, this is a value that can’t be taught. Have you had someone in your life who didn’t have passion or the drive to accomplish a common goal? You try and help them, motivate them, and encourage them. You find out pretty quick when the passion isn’t there, because you won’t see the results you desire. I believe in this quote: “If you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work”.

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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Posted on Nov 13, 2013 7:17:00 AM by Kari Jo Faulhaber

A Lesson From an Unlikely Teacher

“They” say, “actions speak louder than words.”

Okay, first of all, who is they? Second, I’ve heard that before, but what’s the big deal?

As a Minnesota video production company, our StoryTeller production team has told stories about heartache, triumph, rescues, inspirations and life lessons. It seems we’ve seen it all. Or have we? Over the years, we’ve interviewed war veterans, firefighters, cancer survivors, single mothers and homeless children. As a producer, I can pull their statements directly from their paper transcript of their interviews and know their story is compelling and emotional by simply reading. This past fall, we learned a great lesson from an unlikely teacher. As a producer, I was forced to look up from my piles of paper transcripts, logs and notes and into the eyes of a person to prove that actions speak louder than words.

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10 Childhood Lessons Learned From Dads that Apply to Our Professional Lives

Posted on Jun 12, 2013 11:56:00 AM by admin

10 Professional Lessons Learned From Dad

Even if it's from watching tv together, hopefully you can recall a few lessons learned from dad. Many of these childhood lessons can be applied in today's professional world.

Most children go through different phases with their fathers. Stages range from anger to love and many emotions in between. Eventually, many of us become friends with our dads and even look forward to golfing, dining and traveling with them. Once a year we celebrate “Father’s Day” and thank them with cards, ties and steak.

As I reflect on the relationship I have with my father, I recognize just how much I have to thank him for. In fact, the lessons we learn from our dads require much more appreciation than we can offer in just one day. Soccer lessons in the backyard, the first nail we hammered into a 2X4, trips to the library, lectures on eating carrots, putting a worm on a hook and much more! Each of these experiences with our dads have taught us valuable lessons, whether we realized it or not.

Dad knows best. Here are 10 childhood lessons learned from dads that can be applied to the professional world:

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