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It seems that everybody wants to put video on their website, but how many marketers have a fully developed video strategy? Not nearly as many as you'd think. Why the disconnect? For starters, it takes a lot of video to create a full-blown video marketing strategy, you can't just post the same video all over the place. And, it takes vision. 

That's what's so impressive about Hennepin Technical College's use of video. They use the power of video to bring potential students into their classrooms, meet the instructors, and connect with the students — without ever leaving the comfort of their computers. Since each program is different, they've had us produce 3-4 minute overview videos for a number of programs, but we also produced shorter 30-second snippets of those same videos to be used as YouTube pre-rolls, email signature videos, and teasers. 

One of our favorites is this video on Hennepin Tech's Audio Production Program, which used natural (ambient) sound to bring the viewer into the studio to showcase the talents of the musicians and students, and show how hands-on the instructors really are.

Hennepin Tech Marketing Specialist Jared Laabs works with our StoryTeller team on all of the videos. We asked him for some insights on the strategy that has already produced more than 150,000 views.

How does Hennepin Tech use video as part of their overall marketing strategy?

If you’ve ever seen the outside of one of our campuses, it strongly resembles a cinder block. The buildings have had several renovations and upgrades, but the concrete and brick walls hide some of the most amazing learning spaces in the Twin Cities. HTC has expansive labs, cutting-edge technology, and equipment unmatched by competitors. We need to wow potential customers and reveal what students experience every day in class. Once someone takes a campus tour, they usually say “I had no idea…” A StoryTeller video, which is different from any other video, was and is the best way for us to reach thousands of people before they even step inside.

Why is video a good way to connect/inform/educate your audience?

Now, more than ever, people can smell bull-advertising a mile away. There is so much advertising, people become numb to gimmicks, hokey actors, or they simply skip over it. When StoryTeller partnered with Hennepin Tech, we wanted to deliberately show our true colors. We don’t pre-script answers in any interview. They are real people and places. We believe our customers respond to authenticity and StoryTeller does that better than the rest.

Watch More: Hennepin Tech YouTube Channel

What notable analytics/reaction have you seen from using video?

Each time we introduce a program video, we consistently see an increase in the average time on our website and a decline in bounce rate. This shows us by simply adding video alone, customers are staying engaged longer and don’t immediately leave. Users are staying on our site and exploring more. That’s exactly what we want our potential customers to do, thanks to StoryTeller.

Why is getting video inside the classroom with students, instructors, etc. so important in helping educate your video audience?

We often see students attend another college or university first and then make their way to Hennepin Tech. For whatever reason, things didn’t work out, but then HTC catches their eye. When someone watches our video content, they see people working together, friendly and knowledgeable faculty, people using their hands and working. This is really what makes HTC unique and video is the best way to consistently deliver our message.



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