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How to Convert More Leads by Aligning Content to the Buying Process

Brittany Laeger
Jun 26, 2015 9:48:00 AM

BlogTitleWe live in a world where we're constantly bombarded by messages and advertisements telling us the new thing that we NEED to have in our lives – cars, insurance, beer – even deodorants are being sold to us every single day. As consumers, we're exposed to nearly 3,000 advertisements each day, and it's forced us to become smarter. We install ad-blockers, use DVRs, and skip YouTube ads all in an attempt to get to the real content that we originally wanted. These ads are seen as interruptions, inconveniences and nuisances.

Think about the last time you made a large purchasing decision – something like a car, for instance. Did you visit YouTube and start searching for "best car ads"? No, you searched for consumer reports, research guides and other information that helped you come up with an informed buying decision.

So how do smart marketers take this information and apply it to their content strategy to convert more leads and close more business? Here are a few ideas:

1. Identify the Buying Process

Take a step into the mind of an ideal client. What are the problems they will have prior to searching out your product or service? What kind of solutions would they be looking for to help solve those problems? How does your product solve those problems? How will the prospect know that you can solve their problems?

There are typically three stages in the buying process that you should start to see take shape as you answer these questions. Using the information you just gathered and the chart below, map out the process from beginning to end.BlogGraphic1

2. Create Diverse Content Offers

Diverse content offers will help understand where leads are in the buyer journey – and an ideal content funnel will contain offers that will not only align with your company's services, but also help identify where that customer is in the buying process. By creating content offers that align with your customer's readiness to purchase, you can gauge where they are in the process.

Go back to the map you created of the buying process, look again at the questions your buyers will ask during each stage of the process and identify content offers that you can make available to your prospects. Use the chart below to help you identify the types of content that will be most useful during each stage of the process.


3. Use Lead Nurturing to Move Your Prospects Down the Funnel

Once you have a full library of content offers for each stage of the buying process, use tools like lead nurturing to make the most of your content library.

Lead nurturing is the process of using follow-up messages to align your prospects with the buyer's journey and usher them further in the decision-making process. Using a tool like Hubspot or Marketo, it's easy to make lead nurturing workflows that allow you to present information to your prospects as it becomes relevant to them in the buyer's journey.

When it comes to converting informed, savvy leads into customers, creating the right content offers that align with the buying process is the key to success!

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