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UPDATE: The Inbound 2017 Conference has come and gone. Check out our #Inbound17 feed of event coverage and stay tuned for more recap blogs on our favorite sessions!

And just like that HubSpot's Inbound Conference has come and gone. It was another year of inspiring sessions, big-name influencers and powerful conversations. Sometimes, amidst all the hustle and overwhelming amount of content, it's easy to miss those diamond-in-the-rough statements that are bound to bubble up at an event like this.


So, I spent some time combing through the content from #Inbound17 to find the best nuggets from this year's conference to inspire you as you go about your life back at the office.


Know Who You Are

  1. The people who have the highest level of belonging are those who have the ability to stand alone. - Brené Brown @brenebrown TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to tweet)

  2. I don’t feel the need to prove myself to other people, I’ll let my work show it. - Michelle Obama @michelleobama TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  3. As you find your purpose, find your people. As you find your people, find your power. - Nilofer Merchant @nilofer TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  4. Your comfortable place is not a place of growth. - Piera Gelardi @pieraluisa TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  5. Be the most you. Each of you has incredible strengths. The more essence you bring, the more magic you create. - Piera Gelardi @pieraluisa TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  6. What humans are great at has something to do with our experience, our insight, our gut and our judgment. - Andrew McAfee @amcafee TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

Don't Be Afraid to Fail

  1. It is easier to fix errors instead of trying to prevent them altogether. - Ed Catmull @edcatmull TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  2. Failure isn't a necessary evil, just a necessary consequence of doing something new. - Ed Catmull @edcatmull TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)


  3. Loss is important. Failure is important. - John Cena @JohnCena TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  4. Lean into your strengths. Make your weaknesses adequate. - Billie Jean King @BillieJeanKing TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  5. Life teaches you grace. Don't be afraid of obstacles, those are things that make you better. Make you stronger. - Michelle Obama @michelleobama TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

Real Human Connections

  1. People are hard to hate close up. And we need to move in, because it's the only way back to each other. - Brené Brown @brenebrown TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  2. Stories that drive action appeal to the head AND in the heart. The real power = making emotional, human connection. - Lisa Gerber @lisagerber TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  3. The anchor to our revolutionary beings as humans is our intuition. - Grant Erhuanga TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  4. How do you create authenticity? With passion. - John Cena @JohnCena TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

Creating a Better Company

  1. Create the conditions for creativity, everyone is creative but creativity takes nurturing. - Piera Gelardi @pieraluisa TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  2. Ideas need to come and go without people being attached to them. - Ed Catmull @edcatmull TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  3. We work hard to remove the power structure in the room. - Ed Catmull @edcatmull TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  4. You have to be able to use that title on your lanyard to push your ideas forward. - John Cena @johncena TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  5. Solve for the customer, over the company, over your department, over you. - Brian Halligan @bhalligan TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)


  6. The number one problem companies have is misalignment. - Dharmesh Shah @dharmesh TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  7. Starting a business has never been easier, scaling your business has never been harder. - Brian Halligan @bhalligan TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

LISTEN To Your Customers

  1. The real art of storytelling is derived from listening. - Amal Kassier @amalthepoet TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)


  2. If your audience changes, your message has to change. - John Cena @johncena TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  3. Help customers however, whenever, with whatever they want. - Dharmesh Shah @dharmesh TwitterLogoSmall.png(Click to Tweet)

  4. My job is to communicate with people however they want to be communicated with. Email isn't enough. - Kipp Bodnar @Kippbodnar TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  5. Marketers: People just want to get the answers they need to make a decision. Stop f@$%’ing everything up! - Kipp Bodnar @Kippbodnar TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  6. Put customers first ... that's not bullsh*t. - Stewart Butterfield @stewart TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  7. Storytelling helps your target market relate complex ideas back to their own experiences. - Tyler Lessard @tylerlessard TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

Owning Your Brand

  1. The brand is the sum of all interactions we have with customers. - Stewart Butterfield @stewart TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)


  2. The delta between good design and a brand is emotion. A brand is the emotional connection you feel with it. - Jen Rubio @jennifer TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  3. If you aren’t connecting emotionally with your customers, you aren’t building a brand. - Jen Rubio @jennifer TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  4. Your goal is not to produce a lot of content; your goal is to produce a content BRAND. - Dharmesh Shah @dharmesh TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  5. Say what you believe, not what you think will drive the numbers. - Dharmesh Shah @dharmesh TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

Marketing Tactics

  1. Modern marketing fails to focus on trajectory and long-term potential by demanding immediate ROI. - Rand Fishkin @randfish TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  2. Incorporate your social media best practices into your email content strategy, and send more. - Arvell Craig @ArvellCraig TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  3. We have, mathematically, a better chance of dying in a plane crash than clicking on a banner ad. - Jeff Rosenblum @JRQuestus TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

  4. Video is not another way to tell your story. It’s an opportunity to tell better stories. - Tyler Lessard @tylerlessard TwitterLogoSmall.png (Click to Tweet)

Don't see one of your favorite quotes? Comment below and we'll keep adding to the post!


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